Evidence for Creation

Evidence for Creation


  • A tour through some east-Australian zoos, by Fiona Smith.
  • 292 pages
  • Kindle and hardcopy versions available
  • Softcover

Evidence for Creation focuses on some specific design features of many Australian and exotic animals, and gives evidence for the intentional creation of our world by a Creator.

It is written to be useful as a teaching aid when visiting east-Australian zoos, and as a study manual for biology students, at an academic level suitable for high school.

With its clear apologetic for creation, it is meant as a counter to the plethora of academic biology books and documentaries that extol evolution by random chance and time.

The reader will be introduced to many standard biological terms used at the middle and upper high school level. These have all been well defined. There is also a glossary at the back to help revise new terms.

At the end of each section there are review questions to consolidate learning for the student (or, indeed, the enquiring adult). Answers to questions are provided at the back.

The book contains many colour (Kindle edition) or black and white (paper book) photographs of the animals described.


  • The Kindle book is available immediately from Amazon.
  • If you are interested in the paperback printed version from the author’s stock, please write.

Author: David K. Trudgett

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