Twelve Reasons Evolution is Impossible

Twelve Reasons Evolution is Impossible

Twelve reasons scientist John F. Ashton Ph.D. gives for the impossibility of evolution. This is a point form summary—in his own words—of his book, “Evolution Impossible.” If you don’t agree with a point, read the book!

  1. Mutations do not produce new purposeful genetic information.
  2. Evolution of a new species as a result of new genetic code arising has never been observed.
  3. There is no known proven mechanism that can explain how new purposeful genetic information could arise, and statistically it is impossible.
  4. There is no known proven mechanism that can explain all the steps for a living cell to form from nonliving molecules (abiogenesis), and statistically it is impossible.
  5. Abiogenesis has never been observed and all experiments to initiate it have failed.
  6. The fossil record is a record of extinction of fully formed animals and plants—not a record of the evolution of life forms.
  7. There are no fossils of proven mutant evolutionary intermediate organisms, yet there should be millions and millions of fossils of such mutations. That is, we have no evidence of actual evolution in the fossil record.
  8. Some of the oldest fossil-bearing rocks contain fully developed advanced animals such as trilobites, with no evidence of evolutionary ancestors.
  9. Erosion rates for the continents are too fast for the continents and their fossil content to be old enough for supposed evolution to occur.
  10. There are not enough ocean sediments or volcanic deposits for the continents to be old enough to allow for supposed evolution.
  11. Radiometric dating results give old ages for recent rock, so we cannot accurately “know” the age of rocks. Also, the finding of carbon-14 in coal and diamonds means that these deposits must be less than 100,000 years old, indicating insufficient time for supposed evolution.
  12. The rate of mutation of DNA currently observed suggests that DNA must be less than 100,000 years old, which is not enough time for supposed evolution.

The truth is that none of these facts are scientifically contestable, so why does evolution as a worldview continue to survive? It is for only one reason: for atheists, neo-darwinist theory represents the only available remotely credible scientific theory, which in turn means that no matter how ridiculous it is, it will never be surrendered no matter how much evidence accumulates against it, unless an alternative theory can be found which is not even more ridiculous than Darwinism.


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Author: David K. Trudgett

Updated: 2019-03-30 Sat 22:50 UTC+1100