Created or Evolved?

Created or Evolved?

It is an under-appreciated fact that one only needs to find one highly qualified, knowledgeable, sincere, honest and intelligent scientist who believes that science supports the biblical creation account over evolution and billions of years, and that immediately calls into serious question the status quo of majority belief. The only reason one need look for more than one such person is merely to be certain that there is not some aberration or dishonesty involved, after all.

After we have found only one such unimpeachable witness that science supports biblical creation, and are certain that there is no dishonesty, ignorance, gullibility, stupidity, etc., then it absolutely cannot be a numbers game! We cannot say that 95% of scientists (or any other figure) believe such and such, so therefore it must be true. Instead, truth must be determined by weighing the evidence.

Now, it is a fact worth noting that not only is there one such scientist, but there are thousands of them from all over the world, from different walks of life, raised in many various ways, as Christians, Jews, atheists or something else. To say that these scientists are wrong, because a greater number disagree is absolutely absurd and irrational! In fact, it’s a logical fallacy: truth can never be determined by majority vote!

Yet, it is on precisely this very irrationality and on this logical fallacy that countless people base their belief in evolution over creation! Whether layman or scientist, these people believe, in truth, for no other reason than that they have heard it day in and day out from thousands of respected and trusted authority figures, parents, teachers, lecturers, pubished authors, TV producers and so on. That is not logic and science, but emotion!

The truth is that science is not a popularity contest. Its propositions are not determined by who votes for them. Scientific knowledge does not depend on faith and belief! It depends on evidence and experiments. It depends on verifiability and repeatability. It does not depend on opinion. A plane flies because of physics, not because of a scientist’s faith.

Once you have found your one (or a thousand!) honest, intelligent, qualified scientist who believes in biblical creation, then you must start to weigh the actual evidence for each alternative: creation or evolution. In truth, those are the only alternatives. If things did not make themselves, then something or someone made them!


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Author: David K. Trudgett

Updated: 2019-03-17 Sun 17:12 UTC+1100