The Kingdom and Rebellion

The Kingdom and Rebellion

There are those who claim that, because of disobedience and rebellion against God and His Law, the Kingdom of God was taken from the Jews, and given instead to the Gentiles. It is then further alleged that the Gentiles were not subsequently required to keep God’s Law.

The claim is that the lawlessness of the Jews was so extreme that not only were they excluded from the Kingdom or exiled because of this, but the Law itself was thrown away at the same time, so that God’s people no longer needed to keep his Law. Does that sound ridiculous? But it is what the majority of Christians believe today.

If rebellion against the Law of God is okay, then God could simply have allowed the Jews to rebel, while keeping the Kingdom of God and the promised Land. He could have just forgiven them.

If the Law were something that did not need actually to be kept, then Yahweh never needed to give it in the first place, he never needed to make his people fail, as he knew they would, he never needed to take the Kingdom from his disobedient people, and his Son never needed to die to pay the price for sinful people having broken his Law.

The truth is that Yahweh will never forsake His Covenant with His people, Israel, and his people will continue to be governed by His Torah Law! This means all of his people, not just the Jews. There is nothing in Scripture which says otherwise.


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Author: David K. Trudgett

Updated: 2019-04-12 Fri 10:19 UTC+1000